Christmas 2015 Sale #6

Christmas post 2015 Sale #1Here at Last Chance we have a patented finger system on all our bow presses. This patented finger system makes it illegal to reproduce any finger system/bow press that presses from the limb tips of any compound bow or crossbow! If you reproduce and/or sell any finger system that touches the bows limb tips you may be held financially responsible and held in violation of our U.S. registered patent listed below.

U.S. Patent 7,597,094 / U.S. Patent 7,644,708

With that being said we will not sell our fingers individually. You MUST order a press to receive our fingers. If you are considering buying a used Last Chance press, be aware if that press is missing any of the finger components, we will not sell you fingers for that press individually. Please keep this info in mind as you search for any type of used press! We can however sell anyone a spare draw stop finger for any press for the cost of $18.00. But our standard fingers will not be sold individually.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but those who chose to infringe on our patented rights have forced us to adopt this policy. We thank you for your business.

Stay safe and shoot straight…>—–>